Swaddle me!

Swaddles supeRRO newborn for newborns and supeRRO junior for toddlers and children. 

Great and universal product for newborns and babies. A light bamboo blanket-cocoon, perfect for swaddling your baby.

Made out of 100% soft viscose bamboo, provides a soft cover for a delicate skin. Swaddling soothes the baby.  Thanks to two different sizes (70×70 cm and 110x110 cm) scan be used as: a diaper, soft cocoon that keeps your baby snug and securely swaddled from birth, thin blanket, sun protection or a towel.

Textile has  Oeko Tex Standrad 100 certifitation.

Products designed and made in Poland in 100%.

100% CV bamboo (viscosa bamboo)

Size: 70cm x 70 cm oraz 110 cm x 110 cm

Colours: gray, ecru, light pink and light blue.

Trim: gray dotted with white


supeRRO mini – bamboo comforters

The universal mini comforters are entirely made from 100 % viscose bamboo. Bamboo is organically grown and totally sustainable. SupeRRO mini will calm your baby, soothe to sleep, provides security. SupeRRO mini is small and light that makes it easily to grab with small hands. Newborns love to cuddle, snuggle and hide under it. Our bamboo comforters are natural and safe for the little ones.

SupeRRO mini provides comfort during: feeding, spitting-up, cleaning, or baby’s sleep. The bamboo fibre has excellent wicking, antibacterial and thermal comfort properties. The bamboo fabric is exceptionally soft, light, and provides natural UV protection. SupeRRO mini as a security blanket is a perfect solution for prematures.

Textile has  Oeko Tex Standrad 100 certification. 

Size: 30 cm x 30 cm. 2 sets available with gray trim with white dots:

– light pink, gray and ecru
– light blue, gray and ecru


Why viscose bamboo?

The bamboo plant is an excellent resource for natural fabric. Bamboo textile is greener, softer, more durable, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, stronger, more moisture absorbent and UV resistant  than conventional cotton. What’s notable of bamboo fibre is its unusual breathability and coolness. Just like breathing, such garments make children feel extremely cool and comfortable in the hot summer. It is never sticking to skin even in hot summer. According to authoritative testing figures, apparels made from bamboo fibres are 2-3 degrees lower than normal apparels in hot summer.